In the previous article, we mentioned,In the world of EMIT, everything is decentralized(crypto), with enough freedom and infinite space for creativity, without discrimination of gender, race, or age. This world contains objective existence similar to the real world, such as identity, objects, tools, productive activities, etc. We are in a world where we can create real wealth value.

When Bitcoin was born, almost no one thought BTC would become a genuine commodity, akin to gold or oil. In just over a decade, Bitcoin has shown the world that the decentralized world can also create real wealth and construct economies that are connected to reality.

"The EMIT Parchment Paper" reveals in detail the meaning of EMIT as an objectively existing, decentralized world based on decentralized technologies and in accordance with economic laws, with real-world human economic agents.

It has the main factors that shape complex economic behavior, echoing various factors in the real world. Among them are the "Negentropy" equivalent to sunlight, the various rich "Elements (FT types)" equivalent to natural or man-made resources, "Drivers" equivalent to humans, and "Devices (NFT types)" equivalent to a means of production.

These factors are driven by human beings as economic agents to produce various economic behaviors in a completely decentralized world, which can eventually lead to complex economic structures and organizations. This structure and organization contain social division of labor, trading market, auction market, futures market, labor market, rental market, inventory market, and generates a variety of intermediaries, economic cycles, and even a diverse social culture.

This virtual decentralized world eventually intersects with the real world, forming an external extension of the real-world economy.

In this world, under the rule of code as law, people in the real world participate in various activities through "Drivers", and the economy, like bubbling soap water, constantly adjusts and evolves itself, offering all people equal and infinite opportunities without discrimination or oppression.

In EMIT crypto technology, this kind of economic form is realized through an ecology that follows the EPOCH protocol.

So what is EPOCH Eco? It will be explained in detail in a subsequent article.

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