In Nordic Mythology, World Tree carries the entire world. We named this event after the World Tree, which means that the founding members play a pillar role in the EMIT world like The World tree.

EMIT will operate completely in a community-based manner. Interested and qualified enthusiasts can become EMIT founders (that is, the notarization nodes of the current cross-chain function, and the genesis nodes of EMIT Core in the future) in this World Tree birth event, and the founding members will play an important role in EMIT's security assurance, technical decisions-making, and community management now and in the future.

Requirements and steps for applying to become a founding member:

Application Requirements

To prevent collusion or maliciousness by the founding members, the applicant need to prepare:

  1. Prepare 100K USDT (ERC20) as a asset pledge for the notarization node.
    The asset pledges will be fully returned after 1 year if you exit from the notarization committee.
  2. Prepare KYC documents.
  • Certificates of legal citizenship of the applicant's country of citizenship such as a driver's license or passport
  • Three months' proof of permanent address bill

Application Steps

Join telegram group:

  1. In the group @Luca, explain that you want to apply to be a founding member.
  2. Send the KYC documents to this email:
  3. After the application is approved, wait for the CROSS DAO feature to go online on January 25, 2021
  4. Stake 100K USDT (ERC20) into the contract via CROSS DAO in EMIT Wallet
  5. Run the notarization program of EMIT Cross on the server

In addition, with the construction and development of the EMIT ecosystem, many different identities will be born in the gradually improved ecosystem, and the founding member is an important role in the EMIT ecosystem. If you want to know more about the founding member, or want to know more about the other identity of EMIT ecosystem, please contact me.