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If the crypto world is seen as a space that exists independently of the real world, the emergence of Defi brings a financial mechanism to this space. This raises several questions. Is the economic element of this world complete? Can it have the basic economic elements similar to the real world, such as a trust mechanism, production process, social division of labor, labor market, inventory cycle? Could these elements form the future direction of the crypto world after Defi? What kind of basic technical facilities and consensus algorithms can afford the development of such a decentralized world with economically viable elements?

The emergence of EMIT -- which stands for "Electronic Material Information –Technology" -- fills this gap in terms of technology, system, ecology and concept, thereby representing three levels of technical and conceptual innovation.

First, it represents a decentralized world with a complete set of economic elements.

  • It is an extension of the real-world economy.
  • It involves real-world humans as economic agents.
  • Economic structures and relationships that transcend the real world can exist.
  • GDP can be developed.

Second, it represents the three systems that make up this world.

  • EMIT Core Network is the crypto infrastructure that provides very high TPS, flexible expansion, native cross-chain assets, easy development of complex smart contract frameworks, and diverse assets with privacy protection through the EMIT Core Protocol.
  • The EMIT Epoch Ecosystem is an ecosystem with diverse economic behaviors and complex economic structures. These ecosystems are economically connected to each other and are capable of forming economic elements.
  • The EMIT GDP Marketplace provides a diverse trading and financial markets with macroeconomic regulation capabilities of the EPOCH Ecosystem.

Finally, it represents the technological foundation that constitutes these three systems.

It incorporates some key technologies of decentralization and centralization that have enabled the development of this decentralized world from the web 2.0 era to the present.

EMIT is not just a blockchain project, but a new concept. Its purpose and mission is to build complex economic structures in a fully decentralized crypto world with minimal or no reliance on the real world to generate real wealth. Whether it is the EMIT Core Network or EMIT Epoch Ecosystem or EMIT GDP Marketplace, they are all tools and processes to achieve this goal.

Everyone is equal and free in EMIT, allowing them to create their own decentralized country and generate real wealth.

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