"EMIT CROSS" is not one of the three major EMIT crypto systems, but CROSS has played a vital role in the development of the EMIT crypto ecosystem, and the fact that it is called a pioneer reflects the irreplaceable role CROSS plays in the EMIT crypto ecosystem.

What makes CROSS different from the "EMIT Core Protocol Network", "EPOCH Ecosystem" and "GDP Financial Market", and what makes it an essential part of the EMIT ecosystem?

In the EMIT decentralized(crypto) world, all kinds of encrypted blockchain assets will be the cornerstone of the EPOCH ecosystem, so Cross is a basic capability of the EMIT Core Protocol and a driving force of EPOCH.

According to "The EMIT Parchment Paper" plan, the EMIT Core Protocol will be officially launched during the Clan Period.

Although the EMIT Core protocol itself has the features of Cross and Oracle, the EPOCH ecosystem will start in the Chaotic Period. The ecosystem at this stage requires support from the cross-chain function.

Thus, we will first build a decentralized cross-chain protocol as required for the EPOCH ecosystem, named Cross. In this chapter, we will choose the most reasonable technical solution for Cross, which will migrate to the EMIT Core Protocol after its completion.

So it makes sense and is inevitable that CROSS will be the first to be released.

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