EMIT will create a Decentralized World (DW) and build a Decentralized World Economy (DeWe), and a large amount of wealth can subsequently be created in DeWe.

The wealth of EMIT consists of different layers.

The bottom layer includes assets in the form of cryptocurrencies similar to the current blockchain, including elements in the form of fungible tokens (FT) and many devices in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

The upper layer represents organic organizations and associations that arise from the aggregation of various forms of drivers (producers), similar to the DAO concept on the  blockchain network. The difference is that these organizations and members will themselves produce, serve, and transact in the crypto world, which are generally in line with the concept of an economy.

The top layer will be the largest organization, the Decentralized World Economy (DeWe), which sets the rules and markets for the economy to function. As EMIT continues to grow, this economy will also continue to expand.

In the process of EMIT's continuous development , all three levels of wealth can be accessed, used, and traded.